Return of the Kamikaze Congress (HuffPost)
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Return of the Kamikaze Congress (HuffPost)

Return of the Kamikaze Congress Dec. 29, 2012 Comment on Site The Miami Herald responded to House Republicans’ intransigence by noting “[p]artisanship and precipice met in the U.S. House of Representatives yesterday, and the Republican majority leapt into the abyss.” Similarly, the Detroit Free Press explained that the vote was a victory only for … Continue reading

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Tragedy in Tucson: A Somber Anniversary’s Call to Repudiate Right-Wing Extremism

Tragedy in Tucson A Somber Anniversary’s Call to Repudiate Right-Wing Extremism January 7, 2011 Link Link Link Link Link   SUNDAY IS THE FIRST ANNIVERSARY of the attempted assassination of Gabby Giffords that ultimately killed six and wounded 13 others in the worst act of political violence in this country since the bombing of the 1995 … Continue reading

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“Build, Baby, Build”: How Dems Can Counter GOP Lies and Restore Political Debate

Democrats have to respond to “Gingrich speak” by calling it for what it truly is; — propaganda, lies and an attempt to deliberately mislead the American people (something I did on the air in stepping down from what had become a decidedly slanted radio show). In addition, Democrats should heed the words of another former House Speaker — Sam Rayburn — who once said that “a jackass can kick down a barn, but it takes a carpenter to build one.” Continue reading

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The Republicans’ Gathering Storm

In 1994, Democrats were hit with the political equivalent of “the perfect storm” which enabled Republicans to seize control of both houses of Congress for the first time in 42 years. For today’s beleaguered Republicans watching the gathering clouds anxiously, the good news is that the forecast does not call for [a 1994] perfect storm . . . The bad news is that, instead, they face something much worse. continued
Special Election Sheds Light on Flawed Initiative Process
Santa Monica Daily Press
November 25, 2005
While the special election voters were clearly unhappy with Governor Schwarzenegger, there was another election day actor with approval ratings even lower than the Governor’s – the initiative process itself. The Governor can redeem both himself and the initiative process by making initiative reform the first measure submitted for the 2006 ballot. continued
Altar Boys and Communion Rail Politics
Union County Advocate
June 23, 2004
If the communion police continue to sanction Democratic politicians, Altar Boys for Kerry will mobilize a Million Altar Boy March on Washington . . . [and may]protest by refusing to extend the communion plate to right-wing politicians, always opening the missal to the Beatitudes, handing out “rate cards” for obtaining marriage annulments or indulgences, or responding “remember Galileo” instead of “amen.” continued
Sock Puppet Politics
Democratic Underground
October 19, 2004
The two main planks of the Bush campaign – the administration’s tax cuts and the war in Iraq – rely on . . . “Sock Puppet Politics.” Like and the Sock Puppet before him, Bush is counting on voters to be persuaded by his affability and the two prizes delivered – tax cuts and Saddam Hussein’s capture – and not focus on the bigger picture of the costs of these prizes. continued
Aborted Values
Santa Monica Daily Press
December 3, 2004
In seeking to become the second Catholic president, John Kerry instead became only the second post-war Democrat to lose the Catholic vote in a competitive election. This remarkable result, however, says more about today’s Catholic Church than either John Kerry or the Democratic Party. continued

Carlson, Coulter & Canada
Democratic Underground
December 10, 2004
The fact that some Canadians had the audacity to protest during President Bush’s visit to their country last week made it open season for right-wing pundits to bash the other French-speaking country they love to hate. . . Being married to a Canadian and having represented Canadian companies, I find these jingoistic attacks to be a perfect illustration of President Kennedy’s lament that “too often we enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought.” continued

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