Why Obama 2.0 Is Good for Innovation
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Why Obama 2.0 Is Good for Innovation

Why Obama 2.0 Is Good for Innovation October 23, 2012   Click to Comment This is an important election for all Americans, but especially for those of us in the tech community since decisions we make in November will impact the state of American innovation both in the short-term and for years to come. On … Continue reading

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Surgeon General’s Warning: Voting GOP May Be Hazardous to Your Health

Since this election clearly impacts the well being of all Americans, Surgeon General Benjamin can issue warnings to be placed in voting booths across the country. Given that time is short and this is somewhat of a “unique” interpretation of the Surgeon General’s role, I have taken the liberty to list a few warnings that Dr. Benjamin might want to consider.
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The GOP’s Road to Perdition

Unlike 1994, today’s GOP is on the road to perdition not revival. After five months, the Congressional Republicans have been out of step with the public on every major issue. Blocking Obama’s health plan may lead to a backlash that only accelerates the party’s descent, and come November, Democrats will “reward” them handsomely for their generosity.
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The Republicans’ denial is part of a pattern of pretending that problems that do not fit their neat little world view either do not exist (e.g., global warming) or can be easily solved (e.g., abstinence will prevent the spread of AIDS). This is, after all, the party that had three presidential candidates. Continue reading

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Obama, Net Policy and the Kindness of Strangers

President Obama has demonstrated both vision and leadership to reverse this trend by making broadband deployment a vital part of his economic stimulus package. The Internet industry, however, must recognize that broadband neglect may also be attributable to its own failure to mobilize and distill cyber jargon to its core issues — economic growth, innovation and consumer choice. Continue reading