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Latest Economic Data Shows Steady Improvement

MULTI-MEDIA/INFOGRAPHICS: The latest jobs and GDP data shows steady but mild improvement in the economy.  Republicans attack Obama for, in essence, scoring field goals and not touchdowns on the economy, ignoring the fact that at least we are on offense now and not losing ground like we had been under Bush. The Economy From: Advance … Continue reading

S&P and the Folly of Conventional Wisdom
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S&P and the Folly of Conventional Wisdom

STANDARD & POOR’S AND THE FOLLY OF CONVENTIONAL WISDOM August 12, 2011 In its controversial decision to downgrade U.S. bonds, Standard & Poor’s (“S&P”) embraced the “conventional wisdom” calling for substantial cuts in government spending. Conventional wisdom, however, usually is more of a reflection of prevailing dogma than actual wisdom and, in the words of … Continue reading