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The Ricing on the Cake to a Republican Disaster

Just as Democrats have grown increasingly worried about their chances of recapturing the White House, the Republicans have stepped in to reassert their claim to a defeat that is rightfully theirs. Grover Norquist endorsed as McCain’s running mate a Bush administration official whose performance has been characterized by fellow Republicans as “disastrous, “inept” and “not up to the job” . . . Condoleezza Rice. Continue reading

Iraq / Torture

Colin Powell, Where Have You Gone?

For a generation you were omnipresent as National Security Advisor, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Secretary of State and as a best selling author. You stood tall as a paragon of much of what was best in America – integrity, duty, hard work and opportunity; towering over the political landscape just as the World Trade Center once soared over lower Manhattan. Unfortunately, both colossal icons crumbled from the impact of a single tragic hour in Manhattan, leaving a void that has yet to be filled. Continue reading

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Bush is No Lincoln

The Republicans’ latest attempt to whitewash war falsehoods with the fact that Lincoln initially had stressed that the Civil War was about saving the Union and not ending slavery. Detroit News columnist Thomas Bray’s “President Lincoln ‘Lied’ Us Into War Too” is the latest articulation of this claim. This argument, like President Bush’s pre-war justifications, is unsupported by the facts. Continue reading

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The Bush administration’s lies matter because they distort the democratic process by preventing Congress and the people from evaluating critical issues on the merits. As Congressional scholar Thomas Mann notes, “(w)hat’s striking is the extent of (manipulation) in this administration (as their) most ambitious and fundamental proposals have been cloaked in language that is designed to mislead.” In doing so, they have systematically undermined the principle of majority rule by using deception to advance policies that would not otherwise have majority support. Continue reading

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The Road Not Traveled Lets Imagination Wander

resident Bush concluded his 2005 State of the Union Address [stating] “[e]ach age is a dream that is dying or one that is coming to birth.” When President Bush stands before Congress next week, we should parse his lofty rhetoric and exhortations about the need for tax cuts and the Iraq war and consider the costs and results of the Bush agenda to determine which age the President has delivered to us. Continue reading


Right-Wing Fantasies and Iraq

It’s a little known fact that while most of us are sleeping soundly, the far right gathers to rewrite history. . . .These same night owls, however, have done a masterful job with the Vietnam War, recasting it as a mythic crusade against communism that we noble Americans would have won had we simply let the military do its job. This historical fantasy is anything but harmless, since the same themes are echoed in recent right wing comments about Abu Ghraib and our strategy in Iraq. Continue reading

2004 Election / Iraq / Tax Cuts

Sock Puppet Politics

The two main planks of the Bush campaign – the administration’s tax cuts and the war in Iraq – rely on . . . “Sock Puppet Politics.” Like Pets.com and the Sock Puppet before him, Bush is counting on voters to be persuaded by his affability and the two prizes delivered – tax cuts and Saddam Hussein’s capture – and not focus on the bigger picture of the costs of these prizes. Continue reading