Ten Factoids on Why You Should Vote
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Ten Factoids on Why You Should Vote

Reason to Vote: A recent UN report concluded that we only have approximately 12 years to make massive and unprecedented changes to global energy infrastructure to limit global warming to moderate levels. #ClimateChange pic.twitter.com/hQwtu8M71n — Bennet Kelley (@bennetkelley) November 2, 2018 Reasons to Vote: It's time for more than #thoughtsandprayers. #gunsense #guncontrol #2018 pic.twitter.com/FEoXkZDWH2 — … Continue reading

The Perils of Being Led by the Bankruptcy King
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The Perils of Being Led by the Bankruptcy King

The Perils of Being Led by the Bankruptcy King Trump Chooses Ideology over Jobs July 16, 2017 President Trump is currently proposing major changes to three industries that account for approximately one-third of the U.S. economy – health care, energy and the internet. In each case, the decisions are primarily ideologically based, providing red meat … Continue reading

LBJ, Reagan and the Great American Paradox
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LBJ, Reagan and the Great American Paradox

LBJ, Reagan and the Great American Paradox June 4, 2014 Link Name the hawkish former President that liberals love to hate who cut taxes shortly after taking office, presided over a booming economy with low unemployment, reduced the national debt and whose legacy shapes much of today’s debate? If you said Ronald Reagan, guess again. … Continue reading

The Road to Shut Down ’13:  From Clinton Wars to the New Confederates
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The Road to Shut Down ’13: From Clinton Wars to the New Confederates

The Road to Shut Down ’13: From the Clinton Wars to the New Confederates The 2013 shut down of the government by Tea Party Republicans is not an event that just spontaneously sprung up this year, but rather is the result of over twenty years of actions each building on the next that made this … Continue reading

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America’s Year of Living Dangerously

Only two years ago, John McCain refused to allow his campaign to be a platform for bigotry by telling supporters that then-Senator Obama was “a decent family man” who they need not fear as president. Now it is time for House Minority Leader Boehner to back away from his “Armageddon” fear mongering and tell us who most represents American values – Gabby Giffords or a terrorist? Who should we be most proud of, civil rights hero John Lewis or the tea bag protester who called him a “nigger”? It is not enough for Boehner to say these actions are wrong, if he leaves unchecked the hatred his party so diligently pollinated. Continue reading

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Left, Right and Reality in Obamaland

If you traveled through the blogosphere this year, you would think that the country has three presidents — a foreign born socialist dictator; a tool of “business class rule and militarism” and Barack Obama who, despite the slurs being hurled on the right and left, is doing a pretty good job. Continue reading

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The GOP’s Road to Perdition

Unlike 1994, today’s GOP is on the road to perdition not revival. After five months, the Congressional Republicans have been out of step with the public on every major issue. Blocking Obama’s health plan may lead to a backlash that only accelerates the party’s descent, and come November, Democrats will “reward” them handsomely for their generosity.
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