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The Bush administration’s lies matter because they distort the democratic process by preventing Congress and the people from evaluating critical issues on the merits. As Congressional scholar Thomas Mann notes, “(w)hat’s striking is the extent of (manipulation) in this administration (as their) most ambitious and fundamental proposals have been cloaked in language that is designed to mislead.” In doing so, they have systematically undermined the principle of majority rule by using deception to advance policies that would not otherwise have majority support. Continue reading

Head the Mountains? Or Think in Moderation?
Bush Administration / Lies / Radicalism / Republican Party / Tax Cuts

Head the Mountains? Or Think in Moderation?

Head for the Mountains? Or think in moderation? With the Bush Administration heady about tax cuts and hawkish foreign affairs, sober Republicans might have the answers. A chorus of Democrats is declaring that the Bush administration is among the most reckless, radical and deceitful administrations in modern history, but has had limited success in convincing … Continue reading