Ten Factoids on Why You Should Vote
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Ten Factoids on Why You Should Vote

Reason to Vote: A recent UN report concluded that we only have approximately 12 years to make massive and unprecedented changes to global energy infrastructure to limit global warming to moderate levels. #ClimateChange pic.twitter.com/hQwtu8M71n — Bennet Kelley (@bennetkelley) November 2, 2018 Reasons to Vote: It's time for more than #thoughtsandprayers. #gunsense #guncontrol #2018 pic.twitter.com/FEoXkZDWH2 — … Continue reading

The GOP’s War on America: From the Reagan Revolution to the Hijacking of American Government
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The GOP’s War on America: From the Reagan Revolution to the Hijacking of American Government

The GOP’s War on America: From the Reagan Revolution to the Hijacking of American Government The election of Ronald Reagan in 1980 was a turning point in our history and brought into government a phalanx of ideological conservatives. Reagan’s foot soldiers would be the Generals in the Gingrich Revolution a decade later, as Republicans took … Continue reading

Quora: From Truman to Obama, who has been the greatest president?
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Quora: From Truman to Obama, who has been the greatest president?

  From Truman to Obama, who has been the greatest president? Below is the latest rankings from the American Political Science Association. I would rank them as follows: (1) Truman Always remember, neither Kennedy nor Reagan would have had their brilliant moment in Berlin were it not for Harry Truman and his Berlin Airlift. It … Continue reading

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OBAMA SCORES HIGH IN LATEST PRESIDENTIAL RANKINGS Sienna Research Inst. 2010 Rankings Full Chart and Press Release COLOR CODE BEIGE/YELLOW – TOP 14 IN CATEGORY RED – BOTTOM 30 President REAGAN GEORGEH.W. BUSH CLINTON GWBUSH OBAMA Experience 34 11 22 36 32 Party Leadership 5 27 11 23 21 Communication Ability 5 33 8 42 … Continue reading

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Latest Economic Data Shows Steady Improvement

MULTI-MEDIA/INFOGRAPHICS: The latest jobs and GDP data shows steady but mild improvement in the economy.  Republicans attack Obama for, in essence, scoring field goals and not touchdowns on the economy, ignoring the fact that at least we are on offense now and not losing ground like we had been under Bush. The Economy From: Advance … Continue reading

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Surgeon General’s Warning: Voting GOP May Be Hazardous to Your Health

Since this election clearly impacts the well being of all Americans, Surgeon General Benjamin can issue warnings to be placed in voting booths across the country. Given that time is short and this is somewhat of a “unique” interpretation of the Surgeon General’s role, I have taken the liberty to list a few warnings that Dr. Benjamin might want to consider.
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The Catastrophic Success of Bush’s Other War

Months before the start of the Iraq War, President Bush was already a “war president”. This war was not about terrorism or democracy in the Middle East, but instead, as Vice President Cheney explained in pushing for tax cuts regardless of deficits, it was about getting “their due”. In this war, Bush could truly declare “mission accomplished. Continue reading

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Earth Day and Apocalypse W

oday, the dark cloud of nuclear danger that had dissipated with the end of the Cold War, is gathering again as the nuclear genie travels the globe unchaperoned. On this Earth Day, we should each remember the Indian proverb that “(w)e do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children” and that it is us to up to protect the treasure which they have entrusted us with from the “destroyer of worlds” which President Bush so blindly embraces. Continue reading

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The Bush administration’s lies matter because they distort the democratic process by preventing Congress and the people from evaluating critical issues on the merits. As Congressional scholar Thomas Mann notes, “(w)hat’s striking is the extent of (manipulation) in this administration (as their) most ambitious and fundamental proposals have been cloaked in language that is designed to mislead.” In doing so, they have systematically undermined the principle of majority rule by using deception to advance policies that would not otherwise have majority support. Continue reading

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The Road Not Traveled Lets Imagination Wander

resident Bush concluded his 2005 State of the Union Address [stating] “[e]ach age is a dream that is dying or one that is coming to birth.” When President Bush stands before Congress next week, we should parse his lofty rhetoric and exhortations about the need for tax cuts and the Iraq war and consider the costs and results of the Bush agenda to determine which age the President has delivered to us. Continue reading

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Sock Puppet Politics

The two main planks of the Bush campaign – the administration’s tax cuts and the war in Iraq – rely on . . . “Sock Puppet Politics.” Like Pets.com and the Sock Puppet before him, Bush is counting on voters to be persuaded by his affability and the two prizes delivered – tax cuts and Saddam Hussein’s capture – and not focus on the bigger picture of the costs of these prizes. Continue reading

Head the Mountains? Or Think in Moderation?
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Head the Mountains? Or Think in Moderation?

Head for the Mountains? Or think in moderation? With the Bush Administration heady about tax cuts and hawkish foreign affairs, sober Republicans might have the answers. A chorus of Democrats is declaring that the Bush administration is among the most reckless, radical and deceitful administrations in modern history, but has had limited success in convincing … Continue reading