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Time for 2020 Vision in Washington: Rejecting the “Imbecility of Nope”

The President has embraced this crucible, but needs to remind Congress and the nation that we cannot escape history and ultimately the decisions that we make in the coming months are not about 2010 but where we will be in 2020 and beyond. Continue reading

Broadband Deployment / Green Tech / Internet Neutrality

Net Neutrality, Green Tech and the Pong Republicans

internet neutrality initiatives, is the common thread in each issue — making America more competitive in a 21st century economy. While the “pro-business Republicans” hope to score political points by answering “No” to each proposal, in each case their success will be at the expense of American business and our global competitiveness. Continue reading

Barack Obama / Broadband Deployment / Internet Neutrality / Stimulus Package

Obama, Net Policy and the Kindness of Strangers

President Obama has demonstrated both vision and leadership to reverse this trend by making broadband deployment a vital part of his economic stimulus package. The Internet industry, however, must recognize that broadband neglect may also be attributable to its own failure to mobilize and distill cyber jargon to its core issues — economic growth, innovation and consumer choice. Continue reading