Cyber Attacks a Growing Threat to US Business and National Security
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Cyber Attacks a Growing Threat to US Business and National Security

Cyber Attacks a Growing Threat to US Business and National Security Bennet Kelley September 15, 2011 The past few weeks have seen a series of cyber attacks against the U.S. government (including penetrating the CIA and US Senate websites); Gmail accounts for U.S. officials, Chinese activists and journalists; multiple defense contractors including Lockheed Martin;international bodies … Continue reading

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Surgeon General’s Warning: Voting GOP May Be Hazardous to Your Health

Since this election clearly impacts the well being of all Americans, Surgeon General Benjamin can issue warnings to be placed in voting booths across the country. Given that time is short and this is somewhat of a “unique” interpretation of the Surgeon General’s role, I have taken the liberty to list a few warnings that Dr. Benjamin might want to consider.
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The 2010 Election: America’s Aretha Franklin Moment September 29, 2010 With the increasing chance of Republicans taking control of at least one house of Congress, I hereby invoke the little-known right of a columnist to channel R&B singer Aretha Franklin to deliver a simple message to the voters of America on this important election: Think! … Continue reading

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America’s Year of Living Dangerously

Only two years ago, John McCain refused to allow his campaign to be a platform for bigotry by telling supporters that then-Senator Obama was “a decent family man” who they need not fear as president. Now it is time for House Minority Leader Boehner to back away from his “Armageddon” fear mongering and tell us who most represents American values – Gabby Giffords or a terrorist? Who should we be most proud of, civil rights hero John Lewis or the tea bag protester who called him a “nigger”? It is not enough for Boehner to say these actions are wrong, if he leaves unchecked the hatred his party so diligently pollinated. Continue reading

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Stonewall Shelby and the Party of “NO”

Stonewall Shelby and the Party of “NO” February 7, 2010 As Washington is paralyzed by the “snowpocalypse,” images of the city’s majestic monuments in a sea of white snow bring back fond memories of my years there. Eventually Mother Nature or the D.C. government will clear away the snow, but even then Washington will remain … Continue reading