About Bennet

062108_2227Award Winning  Columnist & Blogger

Bennet is a political columnist with the Santa Monica Daily Press, a regular contributor to Huffington Post and Politics Magazine and a two-time winner of the LA Press Club’s Southern California Journalism Award for online and print commentary.  Judges have described his writing as an entertaining and compelling mix of bite, intelligence and humor. It’s clear he does his homework and isn’t afraid to tell it the way he sees it.

Bennet was a contributing author to Big Bush Lies and publisher of BushLies.net which Columbia Journalism Review credited for being one of the first media sources to have framed the [Niger] uranium deceptions as part of the President’s familiar M.O.

cnbcPolitical Analyst

Bennet has been active in politics for over 30 years and was Co-Founder of the Democratic National Committee’s Saxophone Club (its young professional outreach and fundraising arm) from 1992 to 1998.  Bennet has provided political analysis and insight to television, radio and print media ranging from KABC to the Washington Times and was a regular guest on Blog Talk Radio’s “Straight Talk with Melissa Hopkins”.

Internet Lawyer & Commentator

Bennet is one of the nation’s leading Internet attorneys and founder of the Internet Law Center.  He is Co-Chair of the California Bar Cyberspace Committee and a frequent speaker on the latest developments in Internet law at conferences throughout North America.  Bennet also is a regular guest on Webmaster Radio’s “InBoxed”.

Bennet has played a leading role in shaping Internet law and policy having testified and lobbied on Internet issues in Washington and Sacramento, winning praise from a key Congressional committee for his contributions to federal spyware legislation.

In addition, the Internet Law Center’s bi-weekly newsletter, Cyber Report, was named one of the top 100 Internet law resources and recognized by the LA Press Club.