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CLBR #327: Alissa Quart, Author of Squeezed – Why Our Families Can’t Afford America

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Alissa Quart, Author of

Squeezed: Why Our Families Can’t Afford America


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We are belatedly posting the final segment from our Miami Book Fair author’s series with my discussion taped this fall with Alissa Quart, author of Squeezed: Why Our Families Can’t Afford America

Nearly a generation ago, Barbara Ehrenreich opened our eyes with her 2001 book Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting By in America, a memoir of her three-month experiment surviving on minimum wage as a waitress, hotel maid, house cleaner, nursing-home aide, and Wal-Mart clerk.  Quart, who works with Ehrenreich at the Economic Hardship Reporting Project, offers her own book which National Book Review calls “[a] devastating report on middle-class American families struggling to stay afloat .”

Alissa Quart

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Alissa Quart is the author of four non-fiction books. She also writes the Outclassed column for The Guardian

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