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Joint Declaration by 58 NatSec Officials Rejects Trump’s Phony Emergency

A roster of former national security officials that include Secretaries of State, Defense and Homeland Security, a CIA Director and Director of National Intelligence and National Security Advisors under both Democratic and Republican administrations have issued a joint declaration denouncing President Trump’s emergency declaration to build a border wall.  The group stressed that “[w]e are aware of no emergency that remotely justifies such a step.”
The declaration stresses:
  • Illegal border crossings are near forty-year lows.

  • There is no documented terrorist or national security emergency at the southern border (which is supported by the administration’s own Country Report on Terrorism released five months ago which found that “there was no credible evidence indicating that international terrorist groups have established bases in Mexico, worked with Mexican drug cartels, or sent operatives via Mexico into the United States.”
  • There is no emergency related to violent crime at the southern border.
  • There is no human or drug trafficking emergency that can be addressed by a wall at the southern border.  The declaration of an emergency, however, “will only exacerbate the humanitarian concerns that do exist at the southern border [but which are] largely result from the current administration’s own deliberate policies towards migrants.”
  • Redirecting funds will undermine U.S. national security and foreign policy interests by taking away funds needed for Defense projects and impairing troop readiness by diverting forces to the border  – all taken without proper consultation with the Acting Secretary of Defense.

  • The declaration of an emergency heightens tensions with our Latin American neighbors at a time we need their help to address a number of issues.
  • The declaration of an emergency with no compelling reason or justification from senior intelligence and law enforcement officials erodes our credibility on the world stage.
And you know who agrees with these experts – President Trump.

The full text of the joint declaration is below.