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Laura Ingraham’s Non-Apology for Bullying

On Wednesday morning Laura Ingraham released the following gleeful tweet mocking Parkland student David Hogg:

She was promptly denounced for the statement, but it would take over 24-hours before she issued her non-apology apology.

Ingraham’s Statement Was Not an Apology

As noted above, the Merriam-Webster Dictionary states that an apology isan admission of error or discourtesy accompanied by an expression of regret.”    Similarly, MindTool’s guide on “How to Apologize” has four steps:

  1. Express Remorse
  2. Admit Responsibility
  3. Make Amends
  4. Promise That Won’t Happen Again

The key element in these steps is that “[y]our words need to be sincere and authentic”.  That is not the case here since there is no remorse and no promise it won’t happen again, thus making it devoid of sincerity or authenticity.

Ingraham’s Statement Was Unholy

Ingraham is a fellow Catholic and for Catholics, Holy Week is the culmination of forty days of Lent, a period that calls for a continual repentance to move towards a renewal of our baptismal promises which we celebrate on Easter.  The fact that Ingraham invoked “the spirit of Holy Week” in her non-apology is galling since there is nothing repentant about her statement.

Even worse is the fact that Ingraham said this on Holy Thursday since that is the day when Jesus showed great humility and washed the feet of his fellow disciples.  By contrast, Ingraham is trying to exalt her piety by invoking Holy Week but without showing any real remorse.

We All Know What Motivated Ingraham’s Statement — Hint It is Not About Holy Week and It Rhymes with Honey

What changed in the approximate 25 hours from the initial ill-advised tweet and Ingraham’s response, was a sudden loss of shocked and offended advertisers which included Hulu, TripAdvisor, Wayfair, Nutrish, Expedia, Stitch Fix, Johnson & Johnson and Nestle.

This had nothing to do with Holy Week.  In fact, if she was so mindful of Holy Week she would never have sent the initial tweet to begin with.

David Hogg properly calls out the non-apology for what it is.

A True Apology Would Have Reflected On Her Career as a Bully and Hatemonger

While in college, Ingraham infiltrated a confidential meeting of the college GLTB students and published their names in the infamous Dartmouth Review.  From inception, she has used journalism as a way to bully others.  A true apology might have reflected upon this – but Ingraham chose a different path.

In evaluating her non-apology, i reminded of Maya Angelou’s quote:

When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.

So About All That Money You Lost . . .

I assure Ingraham that the nation has her in their thoughts and prayers during this period of karmic retribution.