Year in Review

2016: Year in Review

2016: Year in Review


Below are links to my columns/posts this year.


New Year’s Eve 2016

BGK Blog (Jan. 2)

Murder of Mexican Mayor Highlights Culture of Impunity

BGK Blog (Jan. 5)

Getting Away With Murder

BGK Blog (Jan. 7)


Iowa Hit with Blizzard of Stupidity

BGK Blog (Jan. 23)

Buddy Cianci, Architect of Providence’s Rebirth (1941-2016)

BGK Blog (Jan. 29)

Hillary Clinton – A Democratic Trailblazer for President

Huffington Post  (Feb 1)


Remembering Harper Lee’s Greatest Achievement

BGK Blog  (Feb 19)

Trump and the Art of the Constitution

Huffington Post  (Mar 1)


Welcome Home Scott Kelly

BGK Blog  (Mar 2)

The Importance of Sander’s Refusal to Recant on Castro

BGK Blog  (Mar 11)

Why Belgium?

BGK Blog  (Mar 13)


ISIS Observes Easter By Reportedly Crucifying Indian Catholic Priest and Massacring Christian Women and Children At Playground

Repost from Jonathan Turley  (Mar 28)

An Eye For An Eye: Iranian Court Orders The Blinding Of Man In Retribution For Brawl

Repost from Jonathan Turley  (Mar 31)


Moyers & Company Calls Out Media for Hillary Hatred

BGK Blog  (April 12)

Debunking Sanders’ Misinformation Memes

BGK Blog  (Apr 26)

Celebrating Jane Jacobs’ Centennial

Huffington Post  (May 4)


20th LA Press Club Nomination

BGK Blog  (May 24)

Claiborne Pell – Parting Thoughts 1996

BGK Blog  (May 31)

Bernie Sanders is Unprepared and Too Extreme

BGK Blog  (June 5)


Making the Case for Hillary

BGK Blog  (June 5)

History Made

BGK Blog  (June 8)

Saudi Arabia Threatens To Pull Funding From U.N. Due To Listing In Critical Human Rights Report . . . U.N. Promptly Caves And Removes Saudi Arabia

Repost from Jonathan Turley  (June 10)


BGK Blog  (June 14)


DNC Platform: Get the Facts and Do the Math

BGK (June 27)

Trophy Lives Gets a Trophy

BGK Blog  (June 27)

Jul – Sep

Elie Wiesel (1928 –2016)

BGK Blog  (July 3)

A Short History of Net Activism

BGK Blog  (July7)

The Hillary Moment: A Reflection on How We Got Here

Huffington Post (July 28)


Hillary, Barack, Joe, Bill – The Top Videos from the DNC

BGK Blog  (July29)

Challenging Republicans to Take a Stand Against Bigotry

Huffington Post (Sept 4)

I Am Not A Doctor But I Play One On Cable News: The Lunacy of Pneumonia-Gate

Huffington Post (Sept 13)

The Case Against Trump … from the Right Wing Media

BGK Blog  (Sept 28)


Oct- Dec

Prominent Republicans Are Refusing to Embrace Trump’s Calamitous Campaign

BGK Blog  (Oct 7)

The Case Against Trump … from the Right Wing Media – Part II

BGK Blog  (Oct 12)

Defending America Against Trump’s Banana Republicanism

Huffington Post (Oct 16)


The Choice is Clear: Hillary Clinton for President

BGK Blog  (Oct 26)

Governing, Not Trump is Top Question for Congressional Republicans

Huffington Post (Nov 1)

Cubs Win, Thanks Obama

BGK Blog  (Nov 3)

I Voted

BGK Blog  (Nov 4)


Voting for Trump? View just one of these Videos

BGK Blog  (Nov 7)

Need a Reason to Vote for Hillary: Here are a few

BGK Blog  (Nov 7)

RIP Janet Reno

BGK Blog  (Nov 7)

Ten Takeaways from Tragic Tuesday

BGK Blog  (Nov 13)


Donald Trump’s Alt-Wrong

BGK Blog  (Nov 22)

Christiane Amanpour: Stop Banalizing the Truth and Fight Normalization of the Unacceptable

BGK Blog  (Nov 28)

President Obama’s Stirring Counter Terrorism Speech Defines America in Stark Contrast to Trump Rhetoric

BGK Blog  (Dec 6)