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Prominent Republicans Are Refusing to Embrace Trump’s Calamitous Campaign

Prominent Republicans Are Refusing
to Embrace Trump’s Calamitous Campaign

4 Out of 134 for Trump, 16 Back Hillary

trump-negTo give readers a sense of how unprecedented, dangerous and appalling the Trump campaign is, we previously outlined how Republican newspapers are refusing to endorse Trump and some are even endorsing a Democrat for the first time in their history.

What is just as amazing is that in a survey of past Republican Presidential nominees, Republican Secretaries of State, Defense and Homeland Security, members of the Council of Economic Advisors under Republican Presidents and Fortune 100 CEO’s, where a Republican candidate should expect to find substantial support, Trump is supported by only 4 out of 134.  In contrast, Hillary Clinton has the support of 16 from this Republican-dominated group including former President George H.W. Bush, former Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff and HP CEO and former California GOP nominee for Governor Meg Whitman – with Whitman famously declaring she was choosing country over party.

Past GOP Nominees

2 out of 5

 george_h-_w-_bush_president_of_the_united_states_1989_official_portrait  bob_dole_pccww_photo_portrait  george-w-bush  220px-john_mccain_official_portrait_2009  mitt-romney
 George H.W. Bush  Bob Dole   George W. Bush  John McCain  Mitt Romney
Hillary    No    No

See Which Republicans Oppose Donald Trump? A Cheat Sheet, The Atlantic.

Past GOP Secretaries of State

0 out of 5

 150px-henry_a-_kissinger2c_u-s-_secretary_of_state2c_1973-1977  150px-george_pratt_shultz  150px-jamesbaker  150px-colin_powell_official_secretary_of_state_photo  150px-condoleezza_rice_cropped
 Henry Kissinger  George Schultz   James Baker  Colin Powell  Condoleeza Rice
Not Endorsing Not Endorsing Criticized
Not Stated Choice
Called Trump a “National Disgrace ?

Former Republican Secretaries of Defense
and Homeland Security

2 out of 7

 834158  834156  834338  834196  834313  250px-tom_ridge  250px-michael_chertoff2c_official_dhs_photo_portrait2c_2007
 Chuck Hagel  Robert Gates  Donald Rumsfeld  William Cohen  Dick Cheney  Tom Ridge  Michael Chertoff
 ?  No     Hillary     No   Hillary

Chuck Hagel and William Cohen were Republican Senators who served Democratic Presidents as Secretary of Defense.  Robert Gates served as Secretary of Defense under both Presidents Bush and Obama.

See Which Republicans Oppose Donald Trump? A Cheat Sheet, The Atlantic.

Former Republican Members
of the Council of Economic Advisors

0 out of 17

prof-martin-feldstein1Of the 17 living former members of the White House Council of Economic Advisors who served under Republican Presidents none are publicly supported Donald Trump.  A Wall Street Journal Survey of the group found 6 publicly opposed Trump, 11 would not state who they supported and 6 did not respond.

Two of the 17 (Matthew Slaughter and Richard Schmalensee who served under President George W. Bush and President George H.W. Bush respectively) endorsed Hillary Clinton.  Notably Martin Feldstein, who chaired the council under President Reagan, stated

I have known personally every Republican president since Richard Nixon.  They all showed a real understanding of economics and international affairs….Donald Trump does not have that understanding and does not seem to be concerned about it. That alone disqualifies him in my judgment.

See Economists Who’ve Advised Presidents Are No Fans of Donald Trump, Wall Street Journal.

Fortune 100 CEO’s

0 out of 100

While Mitt Romney won the support of approximately 1/3rd of the Fortune 100 CEO’s, Donald Trump has zero support from this elite group.  In comparison, Hillary Clinton is backed by 11 Fortune 100 CEO’s, including HP CEO and former California Republican nominee for Senate Meg Whitman.  Whitman had compared Trump to Hitler and Mussolini and warned

Time and again history has shown that when demagogues have gotten power or come close to getting power, it usually does not end well.  [Trump already had] undermined the character of the nation.

See No Fortune 100 CEOs Back Republican Donald Trump, Wall Street Journal.

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