Year in Review

Year in Review

2015: Year in Review

Below are links to my columns/posts this year.


Hats Off to Frederick News-Post for Kirby Delauter Editorial

BGK Blog (Jan. 6)

The Unbearable Rudeness of Bibi

Huffington Post (Jan. 24)


One Story: 70th Anniversary of the Dresden Bombings

YouTube (Feb. 14)

The DC Marijuana Battle: It’s About More Than Weed

Huffington Post (Feb. 27)

Apr – Jun

Civil War 150th: It is Time to Reclaim History and Move Forward

BGK Blog (Apr. 9)

Remembering the Dawn of the Hillary Haters

BGK Blog (Apr. 13)

A Century of Genocide and Indifference

Huffington Post (Apr. 23)

Five Lessons from Vietnam

Huffington Post (Apr. 30)


Baltimore Explodes. What Next?

BGK Blog (May 3)

One Story Vol 4: Me and Dr. Jones

YouTube (May 9)

Infrastructure and the Ability to Live Collectively

BGK Blog (May 17)

FIFA Sponsors Must Act Now to Save the Game

Huffington Post (May 28)


One Story: The Legend of Tony C

YouTube (May 31)

Vatican Beatifies El Salvadoran Martyr Bishop Romero

BGK Blog (May 31)

My First Riot: Leonard, Duran and a Tube Too Far
BGK Blog (June 20)

Ending the Final Battle of the Civil War

BGK Blog (June 28)

Obama, RFK and the Not So Secular Left

BGK Blog (June 28)

Jul – Sep

Ten Reasons Why You Should Care About D.C. Voting Rights

Huffington Post (July 4)

Bravo John Oliver – Gives National Attention to DC’s Colonial Plight

BGK Blog (Aug. 3)

The Carter Presidency Revisited

Huffington Post (Aug. 22)



Ten Things to Remember On the 10th Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina

BGK Blog (Aug. 29)

Oct – Dec

Bringing an End to the Lottery of Gun Violence in the U.S.

Huffington Post (Oct. 3)


Meet the U.N.’s NewOffender Defender Pretender of Human Rights – Saudi Arabia

BGK Blog (Oct 3.)

The Bork Fight – What it Meant and What it Cost

BGK Blog (Oct. 24)

Saudi Arabia Continues Human Rights Crackdown

BGK Blog (Oct. 26)

GOP Form Letter to Victims of Mass Shootings

Huffington Post (Dec. 5)

Its Time to Kick Trump in the Rump

BGK Blog (Dec. 8)

Japan-Korea Reach Settlement Over “Comfort Women”

BGK Blog (Dec. 29)

DNC Must Heed Warning Bells From 2000

Huffington Post (Dec. 29)

GOP Contenders and Mexico: Amateur Hour at the Rio Grande

Huffington Post (Dec. 31)