Year in Review

2014: Year in Review



The NHL’s Winter Classic’s Road to the Big House Part 1
The NHL’s Winter Classic’s Road to the Big House Part 2

New Year’s Day, long one of the high holy days of American football with bowl game after bowl game, is fast becoming a holy day for hockey fans thanks to the NHL’s Winter Classic series.

This year’s Winter Classic between the Detroit Red Wings and the Toronto Maple Leafs at Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor was a huge success.  The  game set an NHL attendance record with 105,491 fans and set records for TV viewership.  More importantly, like many of the Winter Classic games so far — it was a thriller.

January 13: Death, Valor, Gridlock and Howard Stern in the Nation’s Capitol

January 13, 2014

[The day of the Air Florida crash remembered.] In a matter of minutes, Washington’s busiest airport, busiest expressway, subway line and bridge were all shut down.

Network-Neutrality-2It Is Still Our Internet and We Can Save It

January 17, 2014

Net Neutrality lost this week not because of the strength of the FCC’s arguments, but rather because of the weakness of their stomach. It was Voltaire who said, “declare the truth thou hast, that all may share; Be bold, proclaim it everywhere: They only live who dare.”

This is no time for the timid, too much is at stake. It is still our Internet and together we can save it if enough of us persuade President Obama and Chairman Wheeler to dare and be bold.

New England’s First NFL Champion

February 22, 2014

The Providence Steam Roller was an NFL franchise from 1925-1931 that won the 1928 NFL Championship (they are the last non-surviving franchise to win an NFL title). The Steam Roller also hosted the first NFL night game and became the first team to play four regulation games in six days.Another Steam Roller NFL first was they were the first (and possibly the only) NFL team to play at a bicycle racing stadium – the Cycledrome.

Eric Goldman’s Wife Has Lung Cancer and She Never Smoked – Please Read

February 26, 2014

Today Eric’s blog is not about the “Initial Interest Confusion” Doctrine, Revenge Porn or the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, but rather the sad fact that his wife Lisa is struggling with Stage 4 Lunch Cancer.  Even worse, is that since lung cancer has few symptoms and Lisa was not a smoker, it often is not detected until is has advanced considerably.  Lisa is bravely blogging about her diagnosis and fight at Every Breath I Take.

No Turning ‘Round:
Selma’s Anniversary Call To Advance Voting Rights

March 21, 2014

Selma calls us once again to action. Next March will be the 50th anniversary of Bloody Sunday and what should have been a celebratory moment of how far we have come since those troubled days is more likely to be a bitter reminder of how far we still have to go.


April 9, 1961: LA’s Red Car Trolley Cease Operations

On this day in 1961, the Pacific Electric Red Car’s 60-year history ended with a final ride from downtown Los Angeles to downtown Long Beach. Pacific Electric was a privately owned mass transit system in Southern California consisting of electrically powered streetcars, light rail, and buses and was the largest electric railway system in the world in the 1920s.  Yes, not Gotham but Los Angeles had the largest railway system in the world.  Of course, the operative word is “had”, just like Brooklyn had the Dodgers.

LA-NOCAL’S Best Sports Rivalries:
#4-5:  Lakers/Kings and Clippers/Warriors

April 26, 2014

So what are the greatest of the NoCal/SoCal rivalries in recent memory (so no Rams-49ers).  During this five year run, the Lakers eliminated the Kings three times – the last time in a epic seven-game conference final with the Lakers pulling off the rare feat of winning a game 7 on the road in overtime. . . ..But what is really evident is that they dislike each other completely.  In the 11-games the two teams have played in the past two seasons (including the current playoff series), a technical and/or flagrant foul was called in all but one game.

LA-NOCAL’S Best Sports Rivalries:
#2-3: Kings/Sharks and Galaxy/Earthquakes

April 26, 2014

So what are the greatest of the NoCal/SoCal rivalries in recent memory (so no Rams-49ers).  The two teams have faced each other in 3 of the last four playoffs, with the Sharks on the verge of winning their second series.  In contrast, while the Ducks have been a stronger period throughout this period, they only faced the Sharks once in the playoffs. . . . From 1999-2007, all but 2 of the MLS Cups featured one of the two teams  (or the Earthquake’s successor entity the Houston Dynamo).  In total, both the Galaxy and the Earthquakes-Dynamo have a 4-2 record in the Cup,.

Clippers_RISE_Wallpaper_playoffs_2012The Uniform Says Los Angeles, So Win for Los Angeles

April 29, 2014

Donald Sterling the slumlord lives in his antiquated world of racial stereotypes. The Clippers live in Los Angeles, the gateway to the Pacific and the future. It is the most ethnically diverse city in America, where people speak 224 different languages. Sterling clearly cannot grasp this, but one person who does is Eric Garcetti, the Latino-Jewish tri-lingual Mayor of Los Angeles.

Highlights from Silicon Beach Congressional Debate

May 22, 2014

Four of the leading candidates to replace the retiring Henry Waxman in California’s 33rd Congressional District discussed their views on tech issues with me on Cyber Law and Business Report: (i) Elan Carr (R) – a gang prosecutor with the LA County District Attorney’s Office; (ii) David Kanuth (D) – a criminal defense attorney and former tech executive; (iii) Ted Lieu (D) – a State Senator and Lt. Col. in the Air Force reserves; and (iv)Marianne Williamson (I) – best-selling author and founder of Project Angel Food.

medicare1LBJ, Reagan and the Great American Paradox

June 4, 2014

It would seem that the starting point for understanding what is wrong with our politics today is digesting the paradox that one of the greatest Presidents of the 20th Century is considered a failure, but the President who gave us the failed legacy of voodoo economics and resulting income inequality is deemed a success. Yet as long as progressives ignore the Johnson legacy and cede the debate over government being a force for good, not only will this paradox continue, but Reagan’s heirs will be increasingly emboldened in their efforts to dismantle Johnson’s legacy.

Kings-Rangers Renew LA-Gotham Rivalry

June 4, 2014

When the New York Rangers and Los Angeles Kings take the ice at Staple Center in Los Angeles, it will be only the 8th time the nation’s two biggest cities have met in a major sporting championship.*   So far, New York has a 4-3 edge, but the past series have included some of the most legendary moments in both cities’ sports lore . . .

nomore.jpgSanta Monica’s Day of Terror – 1 Year Later

June 8, 2014

Yesterday, was the first anniversary of the shooting at and near Santa Monica College.  Our beautiful city joined the host of others that have endured the chaos and carnage associated with such tragedies. . . .   In fact it seems we have gone backwards with states liberalizing gun laws and ammo-sexuals bringing their arsenals to local eateries. This was my attempt to reflect on these events and put it into perspective

The Curse of the San Diego Padres

June 24, 2014

The Boston Beaneaters,  Buffalo Bison, Chicago Whales, Columbus Buckeyes, Louisville Colonels, Pittsburgh Rebels, Providence Grays, Rochester Broncos,  St. Louis Terriers and the Worcester Worcesters and every other current Major League Team are all part of a club that only excludes the San Diego Padres.   The Padres are the only MLB not to have thrown a no-hitter.

berlinquad.jpgThe Day The Cold War Was Won

June 26, 2014

The Generals told Harry Truman that an airlift would be impossible.  Harry Truman told them to make the impossible possible.  This determination is what led to one of the most courageous and heroic efforts of the Cold War – the 461-day long airlift that saved Berlin from the grip of Soviet domination.  At its peak, a plane landed in Berlin every 90-seconds.

It was  a defining moment of the Cold War and yet it seems it is too often ignored.

ann viva mexicoCoulter Deserves a Penalty Kick

June 29, 2014

Ann Coulter’s anti-soccer rant says more about her and her contempt for America today.  As usual, she does not burden the reader with actual facts and uses soccer as just a set up to rant about the demise of her shrinking whites only world. . . .

. . . Ann’s problem is simply race, she hates everyone who is not white and she ignorantly views soccer as a Hispanic sport.  Coulter harbors nothing but contempt for Hispanic Americans whom she she has called a lazy underclass of nitwits. Once again, however, Coulter has proven that she is the true nitwit with yet another facts be damned rant.


dchelmet1Washington’s Truly Offensive Name

July 4, 2014

Forget the name of its football team, the fact that its citizens have no voice in the halls of Congress should be offensive to us all. Maybe if Dan Snyder changed the Redskins name to Colonist people would finally take notice of Washington’s status as the last American colony.

hormantruth.jpgChilean Court Finds US Government Complicit in Death of American Journalist

July 5, 2014

On September 17, 1973, Charles Horman, an American journalist and filmmaker, was seized by Chilean soldiers and taken to National Stadium in Santiago where he was tortured and shot to death.. . . After he was taken, Horman’s wife and father sought to find out about his whereabouts only to be stonewalled by both the Chilean and U.S. governments and their struggle to find the truth is depicted in the acclaimed movie Missing by Costa Garvas.

Featured Image -- 2338Tiny Iowa County Takes on the King of Online Defamation

July 10, 2014

Ben Smith, District Attorney for Sac County, Iowa is a modern Wyatt Earp. UnlikeGunfight, he was not summoned to Arizona but rather Arizona came to him when Tempe-based and others sought to exploit a pending murder trial as part of a proxy war against an internet security expert seeking to expose them. (“ROR”) is the nation’s leading “gripe” site, where consumers and others post various complaints about individuals and businesses which feature prominently in Google searches due to ROR’s search engine optimization capability. To say this is a David versus Goliath battle is an understatement since Sac County has a population of 10,071, whereas ROR has that many unique visitors every forty-five (45) minutes. Yet this tiny county is about to have a major impact on the future of the internet.

quebec1Quebec’s Fateful Day:
Embracing Decline in the Name of Culture

July 27, 2014

Yesterday marked the anniversary of Quebec’s adoption of Bill 101, the Charter of the French Language that has defined Quebec for two generations and led to its steady decline. . . . Nowhere was the impact more evident than in Montreal which had been Canada’s premier city. After experiencing growth rates of 43.9 percent and 23.8 percent in the 1950’s and 1960’s, it grew by only 3 percent in the 1970s . . . while Toronto . . . not only surpassed but leaped far ahead of its French counterpart.

Promising Candidates for Rhody’s Revival

August 17, 2014

The spirit of the Greenhouse Compact is still alive in Rhode Island. Each of these candidates has the potential to bring new leadership and vision to Rhode Island that may help the state move forward and break from the corruption of the past.

RIP Marvin “Bad News” Barnes –
Basketball Great Ruined by Drugs

September 8, 2014

Marvin Barnes is certainly one of the greatest players I have seen. Bob Costas, who was hired as the Spirits play-by-play man fresh out of college, believes Barnes was one of the all time greats, explaining: there’s no doubt in my mind that had he not screwed himself up, he would have been one of the best 50 players ever in the NBA.

Sept-9: California Statehood Day

Today is Admission Day in California, celebrating the date in 1850 when California joined the Union as the 31st state. Its beauty and opportunity have been attracting fellow Americans ever since, as reflected in this selection of songs about the state.

LA-NOCAL’S Best Sports Rivalries:
#1 Dodgers v Giants

September 12, 2014

This spring I did a few blog posts on the top LA-NoCal Rivalries (here and here) covering Numbers 2 through 5. Selecting the Dodgers and Giants as the top LA-NoCal rivalry is a no-brainer. It is one of the top rivalries in baseball, if not all of sport. It is a long and bitter rivalry. Legend has it that greats Jackie Robinson and Willie Mays each refused to play for the other team late in their career. The rivalry, however, has as times spilled off the field and led to tragedy including two deaths.

September 13, 1814: The Night Before Dawn’s Early Light

During the rainy night, Key had witnessed the bombardment and observed that the fort’s smaller “storm flag” continued to fly, but once the shell and rocket barrage had stopped, he would not know how the battle had turned out until dawn. On the morning of September 14, during the next “dawn’s early light” the storm flag had been lowered and the larger flag had been raised and was “gallantly streaming” over the Fort McHenry, leading Key to pen the poem that is now our national anthem. . . . .Below are some of the more memorable renditions of the anthem.

10 Years Gone: Anna Kelley and
the Day I Became an Orphan

September 18, 2014

As children we all know there will come a point when we have to bury our parents and live life without them. Even as adults, however, it is hard to fathom a world where the only constants in your life have vanished.


Netanyahu’s Partisan “Stink Bomb”

October 9, 2014

His latest comments coming less than a month before the election were criticized by Haaretz, Israel’s leading English newspaper, as a “stink bomb” that failed on multiple levels. Haaretz condemned Netanyahu for playing the partisan during our election season when he “slammed the president as if he was a Tea Party brawler rather than the leader of a country with a ‘special relationship’ with America.”

2014 Friends Running For Congress

In 2014, I had four friends running for Congress – two Democrats and two Republicans and I profiled each: Erin Bilbray (D-NV), John Katko (R-NY), Rich Tisei (R-MA) and Michael McKenna (D-FL).

Tankman, the GOP and Voting Rights

October 25, 2014

When we see the photo of the “Tiananmen Tankman,” we all respond because we understand that what he sought – freedom – is a fundamental human right. How many think, “well wait a minute, how is he going to exercise that right?” That is the state of the Republican Party today. Whether it is voting rights or allowing the largely African-American citizens of the District of Columbia representation in Congress – they are against it.

CA Senate District 26 Deserves
An Experienced Leader, Not a Fluke

November 1, 2014

I eventually decided to back her as we were both fellow “Hoya Lawyers”. Then, about two weeks ago, I met her and she was as underwhelming in person as she is on paper.

Best/Worst Election Night Memories (1-5)

November 5, 2014

Having been involved with the Clinton campaign since 1991, it was an up and down campaign like no other. The Republicans had held the White House for 20 of the last 24 years. I co-MCed a Saxophone Club party of about 500 people at L’Enfant Plaza Hotel and had a bottle of champagne ready for when Ohio finally put us over the top. I kept that bottle for years.

RIP Tomas Young, Iraq War Vet Featured in “Body of War”

November 12, 2014

I attended an event in Santa Monica honoring Donahue at the time of the movie’s release and met Tomas’ mother. I spoke with her briefly. She indicated that Tomas was at the hospital at the time, but she kept a brave face carrying the flag for her son to raise awareness about the Iraq War.

Marion Barry RIP

November 24, 2014

There was this incessant talk about “The Plan”, which in the view of white DC residents was a paranoid fear that the white power structure would retake control of the city. (Barry was Washington’s second Mayor, as the city only gained Home Rule in 1973.) “Fortunately”, all that paranoid talk got put to rest when the Republican Congress created a Financial Control Board in 1995 (just as Barry returned as Mayor) that assumed all authority over DC finances through 2001.

America: In Search of Justice

December 7, 2014

A SlideShare presentation on Ferguson, Staten Island and the importance of justice in a free society.

America’s Day of Shame and Redemption

December 13, 2014

The much delayed release of the report hit the headlines on World Human Rights Day, which commemorates the United Nation’s General Assembly adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948 (due in no small part to American leadership). So the day, which normally serves as an example of the United States’ leadership in human rights, became a stark reminder of how we had once lost our way.

wax2Liberal Giant Henry Waxman Retires After 40-Years in Congress

December 27, 2014

This year Waxman is stepping down after 40 years of representing Los Angeles which made him the 6th longest serving member of Congress. As “liberalism’s legislative genius” and one of the “the most accomplished legislators of our time,” he leaves a legacy of landmark legislation that has and will continue to shape the nation for generations.

johnny-unitas-alan-amecheDec 28-1958:
Colts and NFL Win Greatest Game Ever

December 27, 2014

It is to this day, the only overtime NFL championship game in history.  The game, which was televised live to 45 million viewers, is credited with cementing the NFL’s popularity and leading to the launch of the AFL two years later. 

Note to Republicans: On Race, Actions Speak Louder Than Words

December 31, 2014
The scandal over Steve Scalise raises a very difficult challenge for Republicans. On the one hand, the party now has a lock on the white vote throughout the South but they bristle at the suggestion that they endorse racism. The strongest way to communicate that they do not endorse racism would be in deeds not words.

MPW-46288Beyond Selma: Writing The Next Chapter in American Civil Rights History

December 31, 2014
I have one resolution for 2015 – I’m going to Selma.

As a child of Generation Jones, we always looked up to our Baby Boomer brethren who marched for civil rights when we had no need to for the victory had been won. That victory is in jeopardy. I’m going to Selma.