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2014 Friends Running For Congress (Part 2): John Katko (NY-24)

I currently have four friends/colleagues who are running for Congress this year – two Democrats, two Republicans.  Below is the second of the profiles on each candidate.

I am doing this in part because too often people dismiss those running for public office as tainted by the political process, when there truly are many good people who just want to serve their country.





twitter – @John_Katko

John and I both started our careers at Howrey & Simon in Washington, D.C., a once prominent national law firm.  For about a year, John and I worked a few doors down from each other and even shared a secretary.  John left Howrey in 1991 to join the Securities and Exchange Commission, before beginning a 20-year career with the Department of Justice in 1994.

John and I both come a family of seven-children.  I remember John as a bright, decent, outgoing and fun guy.  He worked and played hard, playing hockey with a bunch of guys from the firm late at night.  I do not recall engaging in political conversations, although its hard to image that we didn’t given that we worked a block from the White House.

John is very conservative.  He wants to repeal Obamacare and is very pro-NRA, but at least he recognizes climate change is real.  I wish John well and am certain he would serve his district honorably, but I cannot endorse him given his views.

From John’s Facebook Page

Growing up in a family of seven kids, I learned at an early age about the importance of standing up to be heard and in fighting for what you believe.

Today my wife Robin and I are blessed with three sons of our own, and I worry greatly about the America we are passing on to them. Overwhelming debt. Unsustainable entitlement spending. And a government bureaucracy that believes the best fix to any problem is an expanded federal one.

I’m running for Congress to make Washington work for us again. If that’s important to your family too, please join me in that fight.

From Ballotpedia:

Campaign themes/positions:

  • Katko opposes the 2010 Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, and he supports a revision or repeal of the law.
  • Katko opposes Common Core but supports federal funding of the Individual with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).
  • Katko believes that climate change is real and that the nation should strive for energy independence.
  • Katko opposes abortion on demand and federal funding of abortions.
  • Katko supports an immigration policy that is “tough, fair, and practical.”
  • Katko opposes federal firearm bans, a national gun ownership registry, and federal restrictions on the lawful purchase of firearms and ammunition.
  • Katko supports better enforcement of already existing gun laws.
  • Katko supports the following services for veterans: “increased mental health services,” “smoother transfers from military health to veterans’ health systems,” “faster claims processing,” and “expanded highest quality services and facilities within our local VA health care network.”
  • Katko supports a strong national defense.
  • Katko believes that marriage is a state issue and has not explicitly supported or opposed same-sex marriage.



Largest City: Syracuse Population: 144,669 (2013)

Current incumbent Dan Maffei Democratic Party
Population 713,010
Gender 49% Male, 51% Female
Race 85.7% White, 8.2% Black, 2.2% Asian
Ethnicity 3.9% Hispanic
Unemployment 7.7%
Median household income $51,724
High school graduation rate 87.9%
College graduation rate 28.4%


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