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Six Years Ago Today: House Republicans Sparked Largest Stock Market Drop in History

September 2008. The Bush financial meltdown was in high gear.  President Bush addressed the nation to warn that “our economy is in danger” unless a financial bailout package was approved.

NY_DNOn September 29, 2008, House Republicans triggered the largest stock market collapse in history when they voted against their own President’s bailout plan.

Why, with the nation on the cusp of economic peril, would they make such a move?

Was it because they had a better idea?

No, it was because House Speaker Pelosi had somehow hurt their wittle feewings through her comments made during the debate.

Hard to believe, unless you remember that this is the same party that would later vote to repeal Obamacare 54 times and shut the government down.

This is a party whose websites suggests their top priorities today are freeing Uber from regulations and eliminating the IRS.

This November, remember that the Republican Party would drive us off a cliff for ideological reasons.  That’s not speculation, but fact, since they nearly did just that 6 years ago today.