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Coulter Deserves a Penalty Kick


Ann Coulter’s anti-soccer rant says more about her and her contempt for America today.  As usual, she does not burden the reader with actual facts and uses soccer as just a set up to rant about the demise of her shrinking whites only world.

Let’s take her points head on:

I’ve held off on writing about soccer for a decade — or about the length of the average soccer game — so as not to offend anyone.

The US-Germany game lasted 108 minutes compared to

  • 186 minutes for the National Football League;
  • 185 minutes for Major League Baseball;
  • 139 minutes for the National Hockey League; and
  • 138 minutes for an National Basketball Association game.


Individual achievement is not a big factor in soccer. In a real sport, players fumble passes, throw bricks and drop fly balls — all in front of a crowd. When baseball players strike out, they’re standing alone at the plate. But there’s also individual glory in home runs, touchdowns and slam-dunks.

In soccer, the blame is dispersed and almost no one scores anyway. There are no heroes, no losers, no accountability, and no child’s fragile self-esteem is bruised.

Really?  Where was she when Landon Donovan or Brandi Chastain were splashed across the front pages of pears nationwide?


No other “sport” ends in as many scoreless ties as soccer.

Granted soccer is not the most high scoring sport.  Major League Soccer averages 2.83 goals per game compared to baseball where the 2013 average ERA for National League teams was 3.86 – not a huge difference. The record for most goals in a FIFA sponsored match is Australia’s 31-0 rout of American Samoa in 2001.  Where as the modern record for runs scored in a game in baseball is Texas 30-3 drubbing of the Orioles in 2007

The prospect of either personal humiliation or major injury is required to count as a sport. Most sports are sublimated warfare.  . . . . Baseball and basketball present a constant threat of personal disgrace. In hockey, there are three or four fights a game — and it’s not a stroll on beach to be on ice with a puck flying around at 100 miles per hour. After a football game, ambulances carry off the wounded. After a soccer game, every player gets a ribbon and a juice box.

No personal humiliation?  Where was she in 1994 Andre Escobar’s own goal against the USA led to his being murdered when he returned to Colombia after the World Cup?

Or even more recently in 2010 when the English tabloids scorched their goalie over allowing the tying goal.

As to the constant threat of personal disgrace, simply look at the breakdown in the US defense at the end of the Portugal match that allowed the Portuguese to time the game.

In terms of injuries, do a simple YouTube search and you can see numerous leg breaks that would make Joe Theisman wince.  Then there is the 1992 World Cup when a collision between the French striker Patrick Battiston and the German goalie left him on the brink of a coma.


If more “Americans” are watching soccer today, it’s only because of the demographic switch effected by Teddy Kennedy’s 1965 immigration law. I promise you: No American whose great-grandfather was born here is watching soccer. One can only hope that, in addition to learning English, these new Americans will drop their soccer fetish with time.

Loosely translated – its not a game for white people.  This is simply not true.  While Hispanics are a major part of the audience, over half of US soccer viewers are white.  I have been a fan since watching Pele’s first game with the Cosmos — even my father watched soccer.

Ann’s problem is simply race, she hates everyone who is not white and she ignorantly views soccer as a Hispanic sport.  Coulter harbors nothing but contempt for Hispanic Americans whom she she has called a lazy underclass of nitwits.

Once again, however, Coulter has proven that she is the true nitwit with yet another facts be damned rant.

You would think that Ann’s sense of patriotism would kick in and she would enjoy American success on the world stage.  What is more fundamentally American than a bunch of underdogs from our shores proving that that America always rises to the top.  We all cheered madly when we won the Gold Medal at Lake Placid, why not now?

The problem is, Ann does not believe in America rather she only believes in her own whites only America that is slowly fading away.



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