Falco’s 1985 hit, “Rock Me Amadeus” presented the singer as the Austrian rock heir to Amadeus himself.  But would Amadeus rock?  One need only look to Japanese sensation Yoshiki to realize the answer is an unqualified “yes”.

Trained in and exposed to classical music until the age of 10, when his father committed suicide, Yoshiki turned to the drums and discovered Led Zepplin, KISS and Iron Maiden to emerge as the charismatic lead to the glam rock band X Japan.

Yoshiki, however, still thinks like a classical musician writing his songs and has recently composed the theme for the 2012 Golden Globes.  He was in Los Angeles last night at the Grammy Museum to preview his new classical album produced by Sir George Martin, which he hopes will get X Japan fans to explore classical music.  Interestingly, he did not see the two worlds as that separate and even stated that he sees punk elements in some forms of classical music.  So maybe the question isn’t whether Amadeus would rock, but whether Sid Vicious would compose.

Yoshiki has released two previous classical albums in Japan and they were the highest selling classical albums in Japan history.  One of his sole purposes to release this new album world-wide is to promote classical music to a non classical audience.  Portions of the proceeds from the album are  going to classical music education in schools via The Grammy Foundation and also to benefit the Japan Tsunami victims.
His brief performance at the Grammy Museum thrilled his fans, some who had flown in from Asia just for the event.

Here are a few clips:


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