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Senator Carper’s Statement on DC Statehood

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While several months old, I believe it’s worth posting Senator Carper’s statement from the Congressional Record when he introduced the New Columbia Admission Act. This statement and words and assurances by Senator Carper’s staff demonstrate that we have a true ally for full democracy and statehood in the Senate.

“Mr. CARPER. Mr. President, I rise to introduce the New Columbia Admissions Act, a bill that seeks to end a longstanding injustice and give full voting representation to the residents of the District of Columbia. More than 600,000 Americans live in Washington, D.C. and bear all the responsibilities of citizenship, yet currently have no vote in either chamber of Congress. This legislation paves the way for the creation of a 51st state from the populated portions of Washington, D.C., giving the citizens who live here in our nation’s capital the voice they deserve in our national government.

   Washington is not…

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