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Ron Paul Truth Squad in Response to Iowa’s Disgrace

For months, I have heard Ron Paul supporters complain that they were being ignored by the media. only to then whine when they did and discovered Paul’s horrific record on race.  The Paulistas have responded by minimizing Paul’s record to a few sentences which they claim he has repudiated.   The reality is that his denials are not credible and he continues to have ties and engage white supremacist organizations as details.

Since none of them would ever believe me (if that possibility even exists), I decided to create a page where it was slapping them right in the face (or hood as the case may be) and also to provide a resource for others to respond and refute this in discussion. That means forcing them to defend his real record.  How many Ron Paul supporters have told you that he endorsed a white supremacist for President in 2008?  How many have told you that white power hate groups are an integral part of his fundraising operations?   That is why I launched the RonPaulTruthSquad @  http://ronpaultruthsquad.yolasite.com/


Ron Paul’s ten minutes of fame should have ended in 2008, but it didn’t.  He got a free ride as an gadfly, which was then passed on to his son.  Neither belongs on a prominent stage in American public discourse, let alone in the House of Representatives, the Senate or the Presidency.  It is tragedy that he may gain even a hint a legitimacy after tonight’s Iowa caucus.  Hopefully, the political buzz saw awaits him and he will collapse quickly like past Iowa flukes and that white supremacist hate will not seem so cute to people in the future.


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