Year in Review

Year in Review: 2010 in Excerpts from Selected Columns

President Kennedy once said, “We should not let our fears hold us back from pursuing our hopes.” That is the challenge of this election. An ominous storm is looming, but if Democrats can reframe the debate they can harness this storm of frustration and discontent into a tidal wave for change.  Democrats Need to Talk Turkey and Show Their Colors on Pocketbook Issues

As Washington is paralyzed by the “snowpocalypse,” images of the city’s majestic monuments in a sea of white snow bring back fond memories of my years there. Eventually Mother Nature or the D.C. government will clear away the snow, but even then Washington will remain paralyzed by something far less endearing than even yellow snow — Republican nihilism.  Stonewall Shelby and the Party of “NO”

As we emerge from an economic Valley Forge and consider questions of life or death, economic revival or stagnation and saving our planet or facing increased global insecurity, our elected officials must be mindful of the year 2020 and beyond, as well as the watchful eyes of history, and strive to do what is right and reject the imbecility of nope.  Time for 2020 Vision in Washington

From the day after President Obama took office, our political debate has deteriorated from rancorous to poisonous. Glenn Beck’s early cry of “racism,” Michelle Bachmann’s Conspiracy Overdrive and Rush Limbaugh and Congressional Republicans’ decision to assume the role of disloyal opposition would plant the seeds for the recent assassination threats on Twitter, protesters hurling bigotry and spitting upon members of Congress, and attacks on the offices of Congressional Democrats , , , Now as we stand on the precipice once again, the very moment when leaders have a duty to exercise and urge restraint, not one Republican has stepped forward to strongly denounce these actions and those behind it.  America’s Year of Living Dangerously

At the conclusion of Water Fire, before a city in which one in four residents is foreign born, you will have the opportunity to discuss the 4,300 mile journey, elaborate on your “Christian Nation” comments and address the question of whether it is more imortant to be American by birth or by deed.  This will provide a made-for-TV opportunity for you to demonstrate whether you seek to lead or divide; whether you are truly guided by providence or just naked ambition and ignorance and, ultimately, whether you belong in Washington or nearby Salem. Sarah Palin’s Christian Nation And The Road To Providence

While it is premature to declare any winners in the June 8th California primary races, one loser is already evident – the citizens of California. If the election of President Obama was the embodiment of hope, this election is the embodiment of all that is wrong with the state’s political process. Instead of “Change You Can Believe In,” we face “Continued Decline You Can Count On”. Brownosaurus Rex and California’s Ugly Election

Governor Brewer has chosen . . .to play to Arizonans’ fears and prejudices. Regardless of the merits of each proposal, when viewed collectively and in the context of the election of the nation’s first black President, Governor Brewer clearly was setting the tone that the state would protect the dominance of its declining white majority. A Whiter Shade of Pale:Arizona and State Sponsored Bigotry

The boomers call themselves Tea Party Patriots because they love to talk about how much they love America, unlike their parents who did so by deed. This is not a movement of boomer patriots, but rather the whine of the Free Lunch Society who banquet from the harvest of their parents’ sacrifice while leaving the bill to their children. Sadly the Greatest Generation has left us the Gangrenous Generation who would rather watch the nation decay than pay a nickel more in taxes.  Boomers and the Tea Party: The Last Hurrah for Soldiers of Misfortune

Listening to Boehner and then seeing a clip of Paul Broun (R-GA) referring to the Civil War as the “Great War of Yankee Aggression”, it struck me how increasingly being a Republican today means having not only a distinct political ideology but your own highly sanitized amusement park version of history. Taking on the GOP’s fairy tale politics

The Republicans inherited a strong economy and a budget surplus and drove the economy to the brink of depression. Even after the financial meltdown, they still don’t get it. This is the party that believes that BP deserves an apology and millionaires deserve tax cuts, while unemployed Americans deserve didley.  Election 2010: America’s Aretha Franklin Moment

The Republicans have said “No” to our recovery, “No” to fiscal sanity, “No” to workers, “No” to homeland security and “No” to veterans; while saying “Yes” to record unemployment, record number of uninsured, record deficits and record corporate money. You don’t have to be Dr. Benjamin or have a medical degree to realize that when Republicans ask for your vote on November 2nd, you should just say “No!Surgeon General’s Warning:Voting GOP May Be Hazardous To Your Health

The 2010 election will be remembered as the Seinfeld of American politics. With one exception, the election results are a lot like the sitcom which was famous for being about nothing. The one exception is the economy where voter discontent is “real and spectacular” but there was no mandate as to how to remedy the problem. The Seinfeld Election