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Left, Right and Reality in Obamaland
Huffington Post
December 29, 2009

If you traveled through the blogosphere this year, you would think that the country has three presidents — a foreign born socialist dictator; a tool of “business class rule and militarism” and Barack Obama who, despite the slurs being hurled on the right and left, is doing a pretty good job.




Understanding “Climate-Gate”
December 6, 2009
Provides the Facts, Not the Spin on Climate-Gate





Rumble in Little Rhody:
Patrick Kennedy Takes On The Bishop
And The Church’s Moral Myopia
Huffington Post
November 27, 2009

Notre Dame President Father Hesburgh warned that by making abortion their singular priority, the Church was asking Catholics to embrace candidates who disagreed with almost all of the Church’s social justice teachings.  That is exactly what has happened.

“Build, Baby, Build”:
How Dems Can Counter GOP Lies and Restore Political Debate
Huffington Post
November 18, 2009

No wonder true political debate today is dead since the far right now comes armed not only with their distinct philosophy but their own “facts” . . . . With such a mindset there can be no middle ground.


Smear Factor
Episode 1: Code Pink
Featuring Anita Dunn

October 20, 2009





Net Neutrality, Green Tech and the Pong Republicans
Huffington Post
October 28, 2009

While they will attempt to obscure this important debate with political buzz words, ultimately this debate boils down to whether we are going to be the nation that summoned its resources through efforts like the Manhattan and Apollo projects to not only meet the challenges of a new era but be at the forefront of innovation — or whether we will be content simply playing Pong.



Net Neutrality
Time Line and Overview

October 27, 2009



The Vast Right Wing Returns
Huffington Post
September 30, 2009

That is why the GOP’s worst offense is not Wilson’s disgraceful outburst but their shameful silence to the growing chorus of racist comments about the President and their refusal to condemn town hall loonies — even embracing them — alluding to acts of violence.   The party of Lincoln would be wise to heed the words of its founder that “[t]o sin by silence when they should protest” is an act of cowardice. 

The Teddy Imperative: It is Not Just about Health Care
Huffington Post
August 28, 2009

In concluding his brother’s eulogy, Senator Kennedy said simply what many of us would say of him today: “[t]hose of us who loved him and who take him to his rest today, pray that what he was to us and what he wished for others will someday come to pass for all the world.”

Sotomayor and the Death of the Southern Strategy
Politics Magazine
July 28, 2009

Playing the race card may score points among the GOP’s shrinking base, but it is a recipe for extinction, since by the end of the next decade approximately two-thirds of electoral votes will be from states that are “majority minority.” The Nixon-Reagan-Bush “Southern Strategy” is a relic of the last century and the GOP is at risk of becoming the same.

The GOP’s Road to Perdition
Huffington Post
July 2, 2009

Unlike 1994, today’s GOP is on the road to perdition not revival. After five months, the Congressional Republicans have been out of step with the public on every major issue. Blocking Obama’s health plan may lead to a backlash that only accelerates the party’s descent, and come November, Democrats will “reward” them handsomely for their generosity.

California’s Bill Clinton on the Rise
Politics Magazine
July 1, 2009

While I agree this could be a competitive race, like most years it is still the Democrats’ to lose—and Jerry Brown could be just the man to do that.
The GOP’s Pony Syndrome
Politics Magazine
June 25, 2009
Jim ignores a dangerous number for Republican candidates: the congressional Republicans’ disapproval rating, which ranges from 52 to 72 percent in recent polls. More ominous is the fact that the party is alienating its base; approval within the Republican Party has fallen to a slim plurality in the latest Pew Poll.
Desperate GOP in European Denial
Politics Magazine
June 9, 2009
Since 1965, the United Kingdom, France and Germany have been politically aligned for only one calendar year and never have all been aligned with the U.S. The winner of the Redskins game on the Sunday before the election is a more accurate predictor of future U.S. election results.
Obama is Protecting Our National Security
Politics Magazine
June 3, 2009
A leaner, greener GM is also vital to our national security. Few GM critics recall that, after the start of World War II, GM and Ford ceased civilian production and devoted their entire capacity to the war effort. Who would we turn to if GM failed—Walmart?
Go Ahead, Make My Day
Politics Magazine
May 29, 2009
The GOP’s opposition to Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor is laughable not just because there is little to their argument but because they fail to recognize that their prized wedge issues only increases the public perception of the GOP as the Southern White Man’s Party.
May 20, 2009
Pelosi-gate is symptomatic of the state of the GOP today: There is simply no there there. The fact is former Senator and House intelligence committee chairman Bob Graham, who records his activities by the minute in a journal, had the same experience as the Speaker.
May 13, 2009
For those who claim this is naïve in the age of terrorism, it’s worth noting that the Israeli Supreme Court held that even in the face of the “harsh reality” of persistent terrorist attacks, torture or cruel and inhuman treatment have no place in a democratic state.
The tea bag protests, the ludicrous claims, openly wishing for an Obama failure and now even inane calls by some to secede from the Union have promoted and fanned the flames of fear and distrust (if not open hostility) of the government and/or the President, which runs against Specter’s lifelong commitment to public service.
Why the Torture Memos Matter
Santa Monica Daily Press
April 24, 2009
It also sends a message both to the world that the United States has abandoned its membership in the International Rogues Gallery and to all Americans that the conduct authorized and approved by these memos is not who we are as Americans and will not be condoned. Most importantly it brings the Bush era to a close with a clear statement that, as John McCain stressed in denouncing waterboarding, “we are a better nation than that.
The “S” Word and a Bankrupt GOP
Huffington Post
March 27, 2009
Bachmann’s next statement explained the true reason for the mass invocations of the “S” word, which is that Republicans “need to do everything we can to thwart [Democrats] at every turn to make sure that they aren’t able to . . . secure a power base that for all time can never be defeated.” Bachman’s statement demonstrates that Republicans are motivated by politics not policy and they are prepared to call the President every name in the book — the “S” word just happens to be the smear word of the hour.
March 27, 2009
Ray Ban Republicans and the Politics of Denial
Santa Monica Daily Press
February 27, 2009
If the Republicans are going to ever regain political supremacy, they are going to have to take off their sunglasses and recognize the wreckage they have caused and, ultimately, that taxes (and even government itself) are not always bad.
February 5, 2009
 President Obama has demonstrated both vision and leadership to reverse this trend by making broadband deployment a vital part of his economic stimulus package. The Internet industry, however, must recognize that broadband neglect may also be attributable to its own failure to mobilize and distill cyber jargon to its core issues — economic growth, innovation and consumer choice.
President Obama and the Dawn of a New Day
Santa Monica Daily Press
January 31, 2009
It was a new day because the torch had been passed to a new generation that stood free of past timidity over the use of government but mindful of the need to utilize this tool wisely.  A generation – Generation Jones – shaped not by the black and white culture wars that defined the baby boom, but by an appreciation of various shades of grey and the fact that no party or ideology was the sole keeper of truth.

A Tribute to Claiborne Pell, Rhode Island’s Gentle Giant
Huffington Post
January 2, 2009

Pell’s final words in the Senate expressed his hope “that it is our ongoing mission to become, like Athens, a nation that is known for its civility and its civilization” and not solely for its military might like Sparta. With Claiborne Pell’s death, Rhode Islanders have lost their gentle giant and the nation has lost a distinguished public servant who did more to make us a modern Athens than any other man of his era.

The Bush Presidency in Four Words
Huffington Post
January 1, 2009

The first President that Dick Cheney served took office assuring the nation that “our long national nightmare is over.” The same statement would be just as fitting and welcome on January 20th as the incompetent, betrayal, catastrophe and nightmare that was the Bush administration finally comes to a close.


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