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Silicon Valley favorite Ron Paul secretly paid a state senator $73k to buy his support

Originally posted on PandoDaily:
The free market strikes again! A former Iowa state senator has pled guilty to receiving (and concealing) a $73,000 payment from Ron Paul, Silicon Valley’s favorite libertarian, to switch his support away from Michele Bachmann in the last presidential election. Kent Sorenson originally explained his sudden change of heart came because Ron Paul was “the…

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As outrage grows, Reason editor rejects proof, denies that magazine denied the holocaust

Originally posted on PandoDaily:
Over the past two weeks, Pando’s Mark Ames has written a series of articles exposing the repugnant past of Reason magazine. The timing was appropriate: Reason — the house magazine of American libertarianism — recently backed the “Reboot” conference in San Francisco, an event designed to win more Silicon Valley folks over to the libertarian cause. As Mark explained,…

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Homophobia, racism and the Kochs: San Francisco’s tech-libertarian “Reboot” conference is a cesspool

Originally posted on PandoDaily:
Starting today, San Francisco plays host to the Reboot 2014 conference. According to the event’s blurb: Reboot 2014 will bring together technical talent and policy advocates to turn ideas into deliverables for liberty. The word “liberty” is the giveaway, of course. With “Reboot,” libertarianism is making its Big Pitch to Silicon…

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The techno-libertarians of Silicon Valley should think twice about aligning with climate deniers

Originally posted on PandoDaily:
As Mark Ames wrote yesterday, the Reboot 2014 conference has officially kicked off in San Francisco. Its stated goal is to leverage Silicon Valley’s technical talent to help foster “liberty,” which is really just shorthand for “libertarianism.” After all, the marquee speakers are free market rockstar Rand Paul and Reason.com editor Nick Gillespie,…


Washington’s Truly Offensive Name

  Washington’s Truly Offensive Name LINK DID YOU KNOW THAT the state of Florida has outlawed dwarf tossing in bars; Missouri prohibits driving with uncage bears or North Dakota prohibits the sale of beer with pretzels?  These may sound ridiculous but, unless you live there, there is nothing you can do about it. Not so for…


Coulter Deserves a Penalty Kick

ANN COULTER DOESN’T GET SOCCER OR AMERICA TODAY Ann Coulter’s anti-soccer rant says more about her and her contempt for America today.  As usual, she does not burden the reader with actual facts and uses soccer as just a set up to rant about the demise of her shrinking whites only world. Let’s take her…